– Make profit from betting on soccer


BettorSoccer is a professionl betting company for soccer and sport predictions . Our main purpose is to give our customers well-analyzed predictions every single day – big probability of success added with big odd , and this way with appropriate bank management of the bets we want our serious customers/professional bettors to be in a clear profit every single month during the year .

Our offices are based on Eastern Europe because our tipsters are from Eastern Europe too . We pay wages to 6 professional betting tipsters and 1 administrator of the site . The tipsters every day try to provide really the best bets accrording ot the daily sport betting card , and our Admin make different conversations via email with our customers or future customers , trying to help them about the bets – bank management for 1 day and management for long period of time , explain how every single betting sections on site works and what to expect. Al

All this team work for you and your profits 24/7 in the week , because it is clear that when you ( our customers ) make profit we make profit too , and this way if we work togther in a long term both of the sides will be happy .

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